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  • web marketing

    marketing imageIn order to maximise the visibility of your website you need to consider a web marketing campaign strategy.   There are a number of different elements which all contribute to website visibility and popularity and need to be taken into consideration when deciding on how best to make your website visible to the right people..

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    web_marketingAt the top of the tree, your web content is king.   People will visit your website if there is content which is potentially relevant to them.   But having good content on it's own does not on it's own improve your web page's ranking with the search engines.  

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  • content & keyword analysis

    Keyword analysis is the equivalent to market research in the offline world and is the first step to a successful internet marketing process.


    When keyword-analysissomeone is searching for information on the internet they usually do so by specifying words or phrases which are relevant to the subject matter they are looking for. Search engines regularly trawl websites ranking websites according to their content and relevance of any keywords to that content.

    You can help the search engines by specifying keywords which accurately describe your data content. Our content & keyword analysis service examines your web page structure and content and from this we provide a list of suitable keywords which best describe what your site offers. We also examine the top keywords used on search engines when looking for content similar to your own. We get this from search engines and from similar competitor sites.

    We then recommend web content amendments based on top keywords which are relevant to your particular industry and the ideal keywords which are regularly used in searches. We also prepare appropriate "meta tags which can then be embedded in your pages to help search engines analyse, visit and list your web pages more accurately.

  • website propagation

    bendingDesigning and hosting a website does not, on it's own, result in a site which is automatically visible to the search engines. This can only be achieved through online directory registration and different online and off-line marketing strategies.

    As part of our web hosting packages we start of by registering your website presence with hundreds of search engines and directories such as DMOZ, Google, Yahoo worldwide or regionally depending on your web market requirements. We propagate your website every 6 months as standard.

    searchengineexamplesFor a small separate fee Clients can opt to have their site propagated on a quarterly, monthly or every fortnightly basis.

  • site propagation & campaign management service

    We can optimise and implement Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and advertising programs for your web pages to increase throughput and improve business revenues.


    • Pay-per-click marketing campaigns (primarily Google and Yahoo)
    • Adsense (google) design & implementation
    • Simple campaign linking to main website page
    • Complex campaign linking specific keywords to individual pages and implementation of success ratings, reports, etc..
    • Keyword analysis & updating
    • Dedicated Search engine & Directory propagation

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