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    Do you need flexible, affordable hosting for a new project?  Our hosting service is available three months at a time; we won't try to tie you into a long contract. Looking for hosting you can count on for a mission critical site?  We take several levels of precautions to maintain a 99.9% uptime and keep your data safe.  

    Our goal is to deliver a stress-free hosting experience, through our reliable infrastructure, high-availabilty support and easy to use tools as well as being on hand ourselves when assistance is required.  We also offer dedicated Virtual Server hosting.

    Hosting linux2
    Storage Space 150Mb / as per quote
    Bandwidth 10 GB/ as per quote
    Multiple Domain Parking Yes
    Available Locations US, UK, ASIA
    Uptime Guarantee 99.9%
     Hosting & Website Support Yes
    Site Backups Daily
    Dedicated Fixed IP Optional but necessary for SSL ~ €60* p/a
    Domain Registration & support (Annual) €15 (.co.uk, .org.uk)  €25 (.com, .org, .net, .eu), Others p.o.a
    Monthly Price (Paid Quarterly or Annually) From €20*
    Add-ons linux2
    Extra Space €5* / 200Mb / Month
    Extra Bandwidth €2* / 200Mb / Month
    SSL Certificate From €40-95* p/a


    * Note: -  ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT @ 18%

  • Features linux2
    Sub-Domains Yes
    POP3 Email Accounts Yes
    Mailing Lists Yes
    MySQL Databases Yes
    MS SQL Databases No
    MS Access Databases No
    FTP Accounts Yes
    SSH Access Yes
    Control Panel Features linux2
    cPanel Yes
    Fantastico (popular) Yes
    Plesk 8.x Yes
    Preconfigured Scripts Yes
    Backup/Restore Yes
    File Manager Yes
    MS FrontPage Support Yes
    Shopping Carts Yes
  • Email Features linux2 windows2
    Spam Filters Yes Yes
    Virus Protection Yes Yes
    Webmail Access Yes Yes
    IMAP Support Yes Yes
    Email Forwarders Yes Yes
    Auto Responders Yes Yes
    Boxtrapper Yes Yes
    SMTP Yes Yes
  • Supported Features linux2
    PHP 5 Yes
    Ruby on Rails Yes
    MySQL 5 Yes
    PostgreSQL Yes
    ASP / ASP.NET No
    MS SQL No
    Perl Yes
    Javascript Yes
    CGI-Bin Yes
    Zend Optimizer Yes
    Ioncube Yes
    Cronjobs Yes
    Shared SSL Yes
    Server Side Includes Yes
    Awstats Yes
    Webalizer Yes
    Sendmail Yes
    GD Library Yes
    ImageMagick Yes
    Directory Protection Yes
  • Daily Backup

    hard-driveAll your data, including configuration files, settings, website files, email and databases are backed up daily to a secondary hard disk in all servers. This is our primary backup solution and is used in case of system failure. 

    Unique Features

    • Daily off-server backups are taken of all your data including site files, email messages and MySQL databases. 
    • Depending on your hosting package, if you are managing your control Panel You can restore data yourself by logging in and selecting the relevant backup you require.This eliminates the need to even contact us, resulting in faster restore times. However, we are always at hand to assist or manage any recovery requirements.
    • Restore individual folders or files or an entire hosting account to points in time over for the past 30 days with a click of your mouse. You can even restore one set from yesterday and another from 14 days ago.
    • The backup process is fully managed and runs automatically.
    • Automated backup runs alongside more traditional backup systems including Network Attached Storage (NAS) off-site backups and disk-to-disk backups providing multiple layers of protection.
    • The storage appliances that power our back-end storage use fault tolerant RAID10 arrays with hot-spare disks.
    • Data transferred between front-end web servers and back-end storage is encrypted and copied securely over a dedicated private network. Data is not passed over the internet.
    • Customer can also capture their own account backups with "one-click" through their hosting control panel for offline storage.

    'One-Click' Backup

    control panel image

    PaceIT’s 'One-Click' backup solution allows you to make instant backups of your website data, email configuration data and more within seconds via the PaceIT Virtual Control Panel. You can then download the backed up data to your local computer.

  • Guaranteed Data Center Specifications

    When hosting with PaceIT you will only be hosted on the best possible hardware backed by a highly reliable network.

    image of network layoutThe data centers which house our host's web servers are purpose built buildings designed for the sole purpose of securely locating high performance internet servers. Physical access to the data centers is controlled by biometric locks to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter areas where we have servers located. All entries to and exits from the data centers are logged. Security staff constantly monitor all areas of the data centers both through the use of surveillance cameras and routine patrols 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

    UPSCabinetsAll of the data centers are connected to a minimum of two power grids and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) backup batteries are in place to ensure the smooth cut over to on-site diesel generators in the event that utility power to any of the premises should fail. Both the UPS and diesel generator systems are regularly tested.

    Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment is in operation at all of the data centers to ensure that the temperature and air circulation to all parts of the facilities are kept at an optimal level for operating the servers. Fire suppression equipment includes a pre-action dry pipe system with Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) with several hundred smoke detectors.

    Our Primary host Data Center will meet at least the following specifications

    Globally diverse data centers in Dallas, Texas, United States and London, England, United Kingdom. tick
    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) powered by independent Leibert and Powerware units. tick
    Around the clock environmental monitoring to ensure temperature remains at a constant 68°F. tick
    Raised flooring for under floor cooling and to allow for increased reliability by keeping power cables completely separated from data cables. tick
    Fully Locking Cabinets for extra physical security. tick
    Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system rated for telecommunications / data center use. tick
    Access to the data center floor is restricted by biometric locks and key card access. tick
    All areas of the facility are monitored 24/7 via CCTV as well as patrols by security staff. Video recordings are kept for a five day period. tick


    Guaranteed Server Specifications:

    All of our host servers meet at least the following specifications

    Supermicro Enterprise-Grade Rackmount Servers tick
    Powerful Dual AMD Opteron (Quad Core) High-Efficiency (HE) CPUs tick
    Minimum of 6144MB (6GB) ECC Registered DDR2 Dual Channel System RAM tick
    Hot-Swappable Seagate Cheetah 15,000 RPM Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Hard Disks. tick
    Hardware RAID10 Disk Controllers. tick
    Use of 2U chassis for better cooling and air flow. tick
    Redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs). tick
    Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) cards for hardware event monitoring. tick
    Remote reboot functionality allows our host to power cycle servers faster if the need arises. tick

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