• ICT Gozo Malta

    cyber awareness2 1000Pace IT is proud to be a co-founding member of the ICT Gozo Malta Project, along with Synaptic Laboratories Ltd, and in collaboration with the Gozo Business Chamber. 

    Working in close collaboration with key Government and private stakeholders and selected leading International companies, ICT Gozo Malta is realizing a global vision based on 10+ years of research.  Our projects are focussed on technology proposals and solutions that have already started to win international recognition and that match European and international (such as USA) high priorities, in cutting edge ICT domains such as Future Internet,Global Cyber Security and Secure Computing in the Cloud.  Projects will involve several of the six proposals from Synaptic Laboratories Limited that were presented at and published in the proceedings of the United States Government Cyber Security Summit, August 2009. Other cutting edge research and technology companies being promoted by ICT Gozo Malta include SSTSonalystsQuintessenceLabsSecureRF andAnagran.

    Projects will bring together local and internationally sourced ICT breakthroughs and experts to enable the demonstration of even more advanced solutions.  

    Delivering next generation cyber security is a clear objective in all ICT Gozo Malta activities. Projects address the hard problems and offer features considered essential for the security of existing and future systems as listed in authoritative guiding publications such as the United States Department of Homeland Security 2009 Cyber Security Roadmap.  Today's systems are not trustworthy or dependable.  

    For more information on local or International participation and collaboration contact us.

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