• Web design & integrationBusiness

    Pace IT specialise in bespoke professional design and integration web services for all types of businesses and / or individuals. We take great care to fully understand your requirements and the objectives of your website presence. Through this process we determine the best form of solution from the design process to the ideal content management and hosting solution including a range of email and web mail marketing services as well as domain name registration, domain and data recovery services and Search Engine Optimisation and Submission.  Located in Malta, Pace IT helps businesses and individual clients all over the World to establish and maintain a professional Internet presence. 


    Combining these with our related services, including photography and digital imaging, graphics , virtual tours, and our comprehensive international web hosting  solutions, we can offer you a one-stop-shop for all your web and email requirements.

    • we can design your entire website from a single page through to a fully integrated web service solution from static sites through to complex Content Managed Solutions
    • Our focus is on good, clean  attractive site design and easy to navigate layouts and our web template designs conform to W3C standards
  • Green Hosting

    green_hosting_ecofriendlyMany of Pace IT's clients have become more concerned with environmental and green issues in recent years and we want to do what we can to help address these without compromising the quality of service we are known for.   At the same time we wanted to do this in a genuine and honest way as there are also many critics surrounding these types of issues.

    We do this by carefully selecting our host providers both for performance, reliability, resilience and green credentials.

    Our green hosting initiatives consist of both carbon offsetting as well as improvements in technology and business processes. 

    • Carbon Offsetting
    • reduced energy consumption
    • Data Centre Cooling Improvements
    • Recycling and reducing wastefulness

    Carbon Offsetting

    Our two primary hardware hosts are partnered with Green Mountain Energy, the leading provider of cleaner energy and carbon offsetting solutions, to purchase carbon credits to offset the emissions of our hosting operations. On behalf of our host platform Green Mountain will invest in renewable energy sources like wind and solar power as well as biomass facilities – many of which have been setup as a result of their initiatives. Our host funding will also provide support for reforestation projects through Green Mountain’s relationship with the Pacific Forest Trust. Emissions levels are reviewed annually and carbon credits adjusted accordingly.

  • Web marketing

    marketing imageIn order to maximise the visibility of your website you need to consider a web marketing campaign strategy.   There are a number of different elements which all contribute to website visibility and popularity and need to be taken into consideration when deciding on how best to make your website visible to the right people..

    content tick keyword relevance tick web propagation tick  pay-per-click tick

    web_marketingAt the top of the tree, your web content is king.   People will visit your website if there is content which is potentially relevant to them.   But having good content on it's own does not on it's own improve your web page's ranking with the search engines.   Here are some suggestions on what can be done to improve your ranking in the search engines..

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  • Content management

    cms_folderA Content Management System (CMS) allows you to easily add, edit or remove content on your website without the need for advanced IT or programming skills. Edits can be made via a simple interface called WYSIWYG that is accessed through a web browser, meaning you can update your website wherever you are, whenever you wish. Updates are made in real time and no special software is required.

    The benefits of a CMS for a small business

    For a small business, the cost and time saving benefits of being able to update and edit your own website or ecommerce system and access your own data are significant. You can:

    • Modify your text, images, videos and document downloads
    • Instantly update the content on your website – add new products, change prices, promote special offers, correct out-of-date information, report your latest news
    • Add new menu items and pages to your website as your business grows and your product or service range expands

    this provides you the client with a level of empowerment and control over your data and content, without having to wait for a website designer to do it for you, without their hourly rates and without the cost of purchasing any editing additional software.

    Click on the projects map above for a complete view of the ICT Gozo Malta projects webpage.

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